php-amqplib vs PHP AMQP Extension

The Problem While testing Futureproofs API performance using BlackFire I noticed that we had a bottleneck centred around an fgets method. It wasn’t part of our code (vague I know, I’ve lost the reference). After a bit of digging I found the culprit »

PHP and Upstart

Up until recently I’d been using cron jobs to “kickstart” any failed/exited rabbitMQ consumers. It works, but didn’t come without its own problems, for example: Cron jobs can be no more granular than 1 minute intervals, so if a cron fails, its could »

PHP & RabbitMQ Consumer 101 - Part 1

Over at FutureProofs we are in the process of converting one of our existing PDF intensive operations into a process which is triggered by a RabbitMQ consumer. RabbitMQ for those uninitialised is, put simply, a queueing system. You push “messages” onto »

Futureproofs API Optimisation

In an attempt to increase the speed of the Futureproofs API, we made several tweaks to the environment and the code, below is a summary of the ones I can remember. Installed Profile Tools I’ve used xdebug for many years, its comprehensive, but quite »

JS Splice Vs PHP Unset

This one cost me more time then I care to admit. Unknown to me at the time, Javascripts splice command reindexes the array it returns, PHP on the other hand doesn’t. To replicate the same functionality in PHP simply call “array_values” and it will return »