Operation Scan All The Things Complete

I am done.

I have scanned some 6240 photos over the last 6 months, a mixture of 35mm, 110, 4x3” and slide film, not to mention a large quantity of printed pictures. Just over a 1000 images came from my grandparents photo collection, and the other 5000+ my parents.

If I’m honest, it has been a slog; a slog I don’t wish to repeat. Constantly switching negatives over, adjusting images, trying to guesstimate when a photo might have been taken, trying to work out who is in what photo and if I’m feeling really pedantic, where the photo might have been taken. It’s been a lot more work than I had anticipated.

The upside

That said… I’m glad that I undertook this project it has been very rewarding:


  • I’ve been reminded of the family trips we went on as children
  • I’ve been re-aquanted with family friends I’d long forgotten
  • I’ve found a new appreciation for my parents and the effort they put in raising me and my siblings


  • I’ve developed a keen eye for adjusting colour balances, removing camera shake, adjusting perspectives
  • I’ve started to learn how to restore deteriorated photos
  • I’ve managed to get my family onto Google Photos
  • I’ve scripted the backup of my images from my server to ‘Amazon Cloud Drive’

##Olde sample images

Great Grandma with camera shake My great grandma Ellis with the camera shake removed, perspective and colour corrected.

Great Grandma with camera shake Minor dust-scratch removal of great grandma/grandad Squire.

(Nb: The header image is from my Grandparents collection and contains my grandad taking part in the tug-o-war.)

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