Operation Scan All The Things 1st 1000

So operation “scan all the things” is well and truely under way. I’ve scanned/adjusted just over 1000 photos and wanted to provide some insight into the results and process modification over the last few weeks.

Negative Tray Utilisation

So initially I was scanning the 35mm negatives as I found them. The scanner can hold 12 at a time, but they’re typically sliced in strips of 4. I quickly realised loading the scanner with 8 negatives when it can take 12 is a waste of my time. So using my trusty craft knife and a metal ruler I’ve been cutting the negatives so whenever possible the scan tray is full. Now I can scan a 24 exposure film in 2 runs and a 36 exposure film in (you guessed it) 3!

110 Film

To date i’ve scanned mostly 35mm film, some actual photographs and another format thats like 35mm but square rather than rectangular. The one format I’ve not been able to scan is 110 film. 110 for those unfamilar is a small format film similar to APS but introduced in the 1970s. Unfortunately the Epson Perfection V550 doesn’t come with a film adapter that supports the format and I’ve had to order a 3D printed one from the US. Once it’s arrived and I’ve had a chance to use it I’ll let you know how it went…


Yes its capitalized (don’t know why). The software is generally v.good but not without its flaws. On macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and when scanning mulitple negatives (so all the time) it won’t scan the next negative unless the scan window has focus, either by tabbing to or clicking on the window. The net result is you can’t leave the computer to scan x+1 negatives because when you return it will only have scanned 1, sigh. Fortunately I have found a workaround in a free application called Jiggler. It simply shakes the mouse every x seconds. Enabled and with the cursor placed over the scan window, it’s enough to trick Epson Scan into working.

Favourites to date

Not much to complain about really and it has been fascinating looking back through my family history (I’m already contemplating getting my grandparents photos out of there loft). In the mean time I’ve included a few of my favourite photos from the first 1000 photos:

My late grandma after having her hair blow dried.

Grandparent with big hair

The one and only time I’ve sat on a dogs back.

Baby riding a dog

Apparently I used to bounce in this for hours at a time.

Child bouncing in door frame

No idea what’s going on here, but I like the dynamic with my dad.

Key eating child

This is me and my grandad playing in some building sand.

Grandparent digging in sand pit

Dog tax! This is Tyla, he used to like digging with his nose (especially after a bath).

Dog nose digging

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