Digital Ocean Droplet Corruption

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This weekend I learnt a lesson, a lesson which could have been much more painful, but a nuisance none the less.

This blog ( was hosted on a $5 Digital Ocean box with the $1 backup service turned on. Setup using one of the pre-configured images that used Ubuntu 12.04, NPM and the Ghost blogging platform; in the Amsterdam 2 region.

I'd not updated the blog in roughly a month (my bad) I tried to SSH onto the box… NOTHING. I tried to access the actual site… NOTHING. Next I tried to use Digital Oceans console, SOMETHING, “haha”. Unfortunately all I saw was a repeating set of virtulisation boot messages, uhoh.

Anyway long story short, I contacted support and asked for assistance. Turns out the box had suffered some level of corruption and wouldn't boot. The “backups” they had taken 1, 3, 7 and 28 days all contained the same corruption.

ARGGHHHH! I went through this tutorial and came up empty, it did however allow me to get a corrupt copy of the DB and the blog images back. From this I was able to copy and paste broken chunks of article from the SQLLite DB and restore all but 1 article.

So now I need to create some sort of blog backup thats outside of the automated backups provided by DO. I should also add when I 1st used DO, they actually accidently deleted a bunch of backups. Their track record so far has been less than stellar….

Ben Squire

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Leicestershire, United Kingdom