The Boy Scout Rule

At work we try to follow a number of best practices, but for me none of them are more important than this one:

"Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it."

Roughly translated and within the context of my job it means to leave code in a more maintainable and reliable manner than which I found it…

This doesn't mean I should rewrite an entire system or spend hours combing through code to find an improvement, simple, small changes are all that are needed.

This got me thinking though, this shouldn't be a principle we only apply to coding; its a principle we should apply to life.

Can you imagine a world where everyone:

  • picks up litter
  • actively tries to improve relationships with friends, family and colleagues.
  • wipes down toilet seats
  • gives a little each day to improve the world around us

From this: Littered Beacj

To this: Pristine Beach

I could happily sacrifice moments of my time to live in a world like that…

Ben Squire

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Leicestershire, United Kingdom